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Welcome Wholeness

Aligning Body, Mind, Spirit To Achieve Balance and Peace

Hi, I am Kelly.

I help working professionals achieve their balance & peace so that they can live a life of happiness & fulfillment.

I believe that people are capable of so much more than just surviving. My work has been supporting working professionals in their potential to be happy, fulfilled, and live life on purpose with the things they love doing most.


As s a coach and counsellor. I have helped individuals and organizations with their well-being, helping professionals overcome their limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and feeling of overwhelm and achieve balance and peace in their lives so that they can be more effective employees, leaders, and parents.

Have you ever felt like life is a never-ending rat race with overwhelming demands and duties?


From the moment you wake up, it is a busy day full of tasks.


You try your best as an employee or parent but somehow it just doesn't feel enough.


The workload never ends, people are always asking for something from you


and there's no time to yourself in this busy world of yours.

You are tired, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and unhappy.


What Would Be Different In Your Life If You Are Able to Feel Balanced, Relaxed, and Peaceful?




Imagine waking up in the morning feeling well-rested and energized, ready to start the day.


You love what you do at work, exuding your passion and making a difference to all the people around you. 

Imagine what life would look like if problems aren’t constantly on your mind.


During the day, even though negative thoughts come on, you can quickly replace them with positive thoughts, feeling at peace and well-balanced.


You have a direction in your life and you are actively pursuing goals that matter. You feel empowered because of this sense of control over the future, which is an amazing feeling!

You are finally at peace with who you are and what your life has to offer. You have clarity on the direction in which it is headed.

You feel awesome about the accomplishments you have achieved, even when facing challenges.


You are taking charge of your life and being able to learn from any mistakes that may come up in order not only to do better but also be stronger for it next time around!

Imagine being able to do more than just work and pay bills.


Imagine having the time for your family, people who matter in life.

At night, you can have a peaceful and restful sleep, not worrying about what will happen next and all the what-ifs that will happen.


What I Provide

Life Coaching


Training & Workshops

Clifton Strengths Assessment & Coaching

Talks & Webinars 

What Clients Say

Engaged Kelly for a lunch talk in 2019.  Kelly takes pride to customise the sessions accordingly to the demographics of the company. Kelly is a professional speaker who was able to create interaction and interest during the talk


HP Business Partner

Kelly helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ during my frustrating days and breaks down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions on what I could control and change in my situation.

Her ability to do all these distinguishes her from all other coaches or therapists. Kelly is such a wonderful human being to work with and her coaching has made a positive impact on my life. I cherish the connection we’ve made and literally cannot recommend her enough!

Seah Teck Tiong


Last year, I was filled with sadness and pain due to situations at home. After my coaching sessions with Kelly, it had helped me to become stronger and I am able to manage the negative areas of my life. I am now calmer, happier, and feeling much brighter. My stress also has reduced. 

Florence Seah

Sandy Beach

The Journey Towards Greater Peace, Happiness and Fulfillment 

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Imagine what you could achieve with the support of a life coach.


Imagine how your day-to-day feels right now and think how it will be different if you have more peace and happiness in your life. 


Take action and schedule your discovery session below and let's talk about what needs changing, how we should change it together, or experience firsthand the power that coaching has over others' lives!

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