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Aligning Your Mind, Body, Spirit to Reclaim Your Peace and Happiness


Is this you?


Have you ever felt like life is a never-ending rat race with overwhelming demands and duties?


The moment you wake up, it’s a busy day full of tasks.


You try your best as an employee or parent but somehow they just don't feel enough.


The workload never ends, people are always asking for something from you and there's no time to yourself in this busy world of yours.


You try as best as possible with everything that weighs on your shoulders but somehow it doesn't make enough difference.


You can always feel the pressure of life beating down on you, never giving any space for peace or relaxation.


You feel like life is a challenge and you have the power to change.  But your thoughts are what keep holding onto old, unhelpful ways of thinking; ones that don't allow for growth or success in any aspect of living - including relationships with others.

You felt that you are stuck, unsure of how to move on in your problems and your difficulties in life.

You read books, tried to think positively, and find strategies but somehow it just didn't work.



What Would Be Different In Your Life If You Are Able to Be Balanced, Relaxed and Peaceful?


Imagine waking up in the morning feeling well-rested and energized, ready to start the day. You love what you do at work, exuding your passion and making a difference to all the people around you. 

Imagine what life would look like if problems aren’t constantly on your mind. During the day, even though negative thoughts come on, you can quickly replace them with positive thoughts, feeling at peace and well-balanced.

You feel awesome about the accomplishments you have achieved, even when facing challenges. You are taking charge of your life and being able to learn from any mistakes that may come up in order not only to do better but also be stronger for it next time around!


Even when faced with challenges at work or home you can look at those moments as an opportunity for growth; using what happened to make changes going forward so they don't happen again.

You have a direction in your life and you are actively pursuing goals that matter. You feel empowered because of this sense of control over the future, which is an amazing feeling!

You are finally at peace with who you are and what your life has to offer. You have clarity on the direction in which it is headed. 

The Journey Towards Balanced, Peace & Happiness

Personalized 1-1 Life Coaching:
Welcome Wholeness

Welcome Wholeness is a personalized 1-1 life coaching programme for high achievers and action takers who would like to reclaim their peace and happiness and live a life of happiness and fulfillment. You may be overwhelmed by life's demands, challenges or may be at a crossroad of your career and you would like to gain clarity and overcome your limiting beliefs. You desire to live a life of confidence, purpose, and fulfillment. Book a discovery session to find out more about how this programme can support you and lead you to the outcome that you want. 

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We know that you are not just one thing. We have a body, mind, and soul interconnected to each other.  For this reason, I believe in providing holistic coaching designed around helping individuals reach their greatness by becoming happy with wholeness in both mind AND body. 

To reach our full potential, it's necessary to tap into the power of all four - mind, body, heart, and spirit. I believe that one cannot be complete without working together as an interconnected unit.


Welcome Wholeness is a holistic approach that will help make sure the mind, body, heart, and spirit are working together in harmony so we can step into happiness by becoming whole again.

Coaching Methodology
Welcome Wholeness

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The Coaching Process

I believe that our lives are a form of journey. 

In this journey, there are various pitstops. Some pitstops excite us but some pitstops may be dreadful. Some pitstops are necessary so that we can reach our greater heights and be even the best version of ourselves. 

In my coaching with you, I will bring you towards three parts of the journey. All three parts of the journey only have one purpose-to help you reach greater heights and to live a life of wholeness, peace, and fulfillment. 

Journey 1: The Let Go 

We all carry a lot of baggage, and we never even know it. These pieces keep us from proceeding onto the next leg in life's journey--Let Go!


The process starts by identifying and dealing with any limiting beliefs or past negative emotions that are still lurking around ready to trip you up again on your new path towards balanced and peace. This part of the journey helps you to move forward without any limitations that are holding you back. 

Journey 2: The Equip 

After we are free from our baggage, it is time to get ready for the next leg of the journey- The Equip.


We need a strong outfit that can take us through any difficulties ahead and help keep ourselves aligned with what matters most throughout this whole process.


In this whole process, there are many things you'll need: where is your ultimate destination? How do I get there from here? We work with your resources internally and externally while staying true to yourself constantly.


Journey 3: The Future

The future is slowly in sight. 

You experienced a slight glimpse and wonder of what the future is like for you.

But still, you are not sure if this future will remain there forever.  

In this journey-The Future, we will anchor the goal that you have set and the changes you have experienced so that even when the going gets tough for you, you move on with courage and confidence. 

The 5 As Coaching Process - The Circle of Life

Throughout the coaching process, the coachee will be brought towards the five elements-


Awareness of themselves,


Appreciation of what they have and what is around them,


Adjustment of what needs to change,


Action they need to take, and lastly, having


Accountability in the coaching process. 

Are you ready to step on this journey with me towards a life of balance and peace?

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